Custom Paint Jobs

Custom Paint Jobs are a very unique category in the world of paint. At Exhale Airbrushing we focus on any type of Automotive Custom Paint Jobs you can think of. This is not limited to just custom automotive painting, but it does include virtually any surface. Our Custom Paint Shop is ready to bring any artwork to life with a professional team of experienced employees. Our employees have a background in collision repair and restoration, as well as custom Kandy paint. Our Artist Mike England has 15yrs. of experience in the art world. We do our best to ensure a good job, discover more about our team and professional background. To see some of our favorite Airbrush Graphics, and Custom Paint Jobs visit our Gallery, and to price out your project contact us today.
Natalie Portman 267x300 Custom Paint Jobs

Custom Paint Job by Mike England of Exhale Airbrushing on trunk lid.

We believe in future technologies and strive to keep our Automotive Custom Paint jobs current with the trends, as well as maintaining a unique Airbrush Mural style. How we run our custom paint shop makes us unique. At any other place you will get a very rough idea of what your project could look like, at exhale we show you exactly what it will be before any paint touches the car. A custom paint job is one time buy, which is why it is a good idea to plan very precisely. This allows the customer to have a very good idea of how they want their custom paint job, and allows us the chance to plan the project to be the least time costly, and still keep a visually stunning appearance.  Also for bigger custom paint job projects such as full vehicle themes, this really helps the vehicle go from random images to a story, to really draw attention.

Custom Paint Jobs we make are one of a kind.

We appreciate our customers and in order to save them money we will put the cost of the mock-up towards the cost of the paint job as long as we get their business. A lot of care gets put in to each mock up, which is why we strive to make sure our designs stay in our business. Our Custom Cars, and Bikes get a lot of head turns, and attention for being different. However a large misconception about custom paint jobs, is that they are extremely expensive. Yes custom paint jobs can cost a lot, but they are a one time buy.When you look at how much a custom paint job cost its easy to forget about all of the services that are being done. However in the most extreme cases is where cost really goes up. Before we price our jobs we always ask ourselves what type of environment this project will be unveiled at. To help us determine what type of approach that project will need. Our name is on every piece when it leaves our car, which is why extra care is taken to ensure customer satisfaction.